Things You Should Know When Buying A Dough Proofer

When you're opening a restaurant with a trademark of offering freshly baked bread, you'll need to have a dough proofer to ensure that your dough rises consistently and evenly. For those who have never invested in a commercial dough proofing system, you may not really be sure what you should buy. Here's a look at some of the basics that you should think about when you're shopping for a dough proofer for your new restaurant.

Consider The Capacity You Need

It's hard to identify the right dough proofer when you don't know how much dough you're going to be working with on a daily basis. Take some time to think about not only how much bread you'll need to produce every day right now, but also how much you will likely need to have proofing at any given time if your business demand grows.

Look for a proofer that offers enough capacity to meet your needs now but also to grow with you and meet your projected needs as well. This way, you can be sure that your investment will be beneficial for you for quite some time.

Assess The Space You Have Available

Dough proofers come in many different sizes with a variety of machine dimensions. You need to take some time to evaluate your kitchen and the space that you have available for the unit. You'll need to account for clearance on three sides of the proofer, so take your measurements first and then talk with a restaurant equipment supplier about the sizes available and their space requirements. This ensures that your new dough proofer not only fits your kitchen but also gets sufficient airflow to work at its best.

Settle On The Structure

Dough proofers come in two different structural styles. One is a mobile unit fitted with caster wheels so that you can easily move it from place to place as needed. If you have a highly dynamic environment in your kitchen, you may find that it's easier to have a dough proofer that you can move when you need to.

Alternatively, you might consider investing in a fixed proofer cabinet. These units are intended to be installed in a permanent location because they cannot be moved easily. If you have a location in your kitchen to accommodate it without having to worry about moving things around frequently, a fixed cabinet may be the better option.

Talk with a restaurant equipment supplier like Big Apple Restaurant Supply in Vermont today for more information and to find the unit that is right for your kitchen