The Perks Of Setting Up And Using Collapsible Spill Containment Berms

As the owner of an industrial site, you are responsible for its safety and sanitation. However, circumstances like chemical and liquid spills can cause your site to become a dangerous mess. You need to find a way to contain these spills and prevent liquids from leaking out onto the rest of the property.

Rather than spend your day mopping and sweeping up spills, you can use special equipment to contain them. These benefits are some that go along with using collapsible spill containment berms on your industrial property.

Durable Materials

The portable spill containment berms that are available to industrial site owners like you are made from durable materials. The most common material, PVC vinyl, is designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions without cracking, breaking, or warping. It can sustain exposure to hot liquids, corrosive chemicals, and tacky and heavy materials without losing its shape or durability.

The durability of the materials from which your collapsible spill containment berms are made ensures that you get the most use out of them. Your berms can last for years without you having to buy new ones.

Chemical Compatibility

Another advantage found with portable spill containment berms is their compatibility with chemicals often used on industrial sites like yours. They can tolerate containing toxic chemicals like ammonia and hydrochloric acid without bursting, burning, or falling entirely apart. They also will not melt or bubble because of the chemicals that are poured into them. 

Customized Sizes

The makers of collapsible spill containment berms can make them in customized sizes for industrial clients like you. If you need a berm that is wider than it is long, for example, you can custom order it from the berm manufacturer. You do not have to relegate yourself to using standard sizes that may not work for the purpose you have in mind.

Further, they can be customized to be as thick as you need them. If you need a berm to be thicker in the middle or on the sides, you can have the maker of it to create these unique dimensions specifically for your property.

These benefits are some that go along with using portable spill containment berms for your industrial property. They are made from durable materials to last for years. The collapsible spill containment berms are also made to be compatible with a variety of chemicals and can likewise be custom ordered.