Why You Should Put Fire Extinguishers Inside Of Cabinets

Does your business have one or more fire extinguishers on the premises? If you are just keeping your extinguishers on a shelf somewhere or in a place that is not immediately visible and obvious to all employees, there is likely a better way of doing things. Fire extinguisher cabinets provide a dedicated spot to keep the extinguisher and can also provide protection in a number of key ways. Here's why your business should reach out to a provider of fire extinguisher cabinets.

Protect From Physical Damage

Does your warehouse or other place of business have a lot of people moving around or a lot of heavy equipment or complex tools that are always in motion? The last thing you want to happen in this environment is for someone to accidentally bump into an extinguisher and cause it to fall and suffer damage. An unintentional puncture of the extinguisher could cause quite a mess or even be dangerous. Put the extinguisher inside of its own cabinet and people working around it will have more peace of mind as they go about their job.

Protect From Moisture and Dust

Does your work environment have a lot of humidity in the air? Is there sometimes dust in the air that you work hard to ventilate and remove? These are again conditions that are not ideal for your fire extinguishers. If a fire should break out, you don't want to find out that your extinguisher is now faulty in some way due to long-term exposure to poor conditions. Keeping the unit inside of its own cabinet will serve to shield it from whatever is in the air around it.

Make the Location Obvious

When a fire breaks out, time is of the essence. Your employees need to know exactly where the extinguisher is so they can get to it immediately. If the extinguisher is just sitting out on its own, it's possible it could be obscured from view or otherwise hard to find. You don't want the extinguisher to get lost under a mountain of boxes. When you install a fire extinguisher cabinet, it will be large enough that it becomes immediately clear to everyone exactly where the extinguisher is. This also provides a dedicated location where the extinguisher should remain at all times until it is needed.

Comply With Regulations

In some industries or specific use cases, a fire extinguisher cabinet might actually be required by law or regulation. If you are starting a new business, do some research on local codes and regulations and ensure that you are in full compliance with the law as you start your new operation. You don't want to get fined or in other legal trouble if an inspection reveals that you are not in compliance.

For more information on fire extinguisher cabinets, contact a professional near you.