Why You Should Use 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets For Storage

Whether you have a business or simply need to organize your garage, there are a lot of great tools that help with storage. When it comes to storage, you need to know that whatever you want to store will be kept in good condition. Storing items in a garage, basement, or warehouse can leave items vulnerable to exposure to pests, dirt, or water. 5-gallon plastic buckets are popular for storage because of the fact they provide durability and protection for whatever is inside of them. There are other important reasons to use these buckets for storage.

Easily Placed in a Variety of Spots

Boxes often break apart if they are stacked, but that isn't the case with 5-gallon plastic buckets. These buckets are great for storage because they can be stacked against a wall or on a shelf, and they won't easily be tipped over. This is because the lids and the base of the bucket fit perfectly together when stacked. The thickness and durability of the plastic can withstand a lot of weight, so a lot of buckets can be stacked on top of each other. There is no need for shelves or crates beneath the buckets because they can withstand dirt and water without any issue. Pests are not able to get into the thick plastic, either, so where they are stored doesn't matter.

Various Lid Options

It's nice to be able to have options when it comes to opening a storage bucket. Many 5-gallon plastic buckets come with options when it comes to the lids you can buy with your buckets. You can mix and match lids according to your needs. Some lids have a spout, which can be nice if you are storing water or some other liquid that you may need to access. Other lids can be peeled or twisted on or off for your convenience. What lids you choose will depend on how you want to store the buckets and how easily you want to be able to access what's inside each bucket.

Ship Stored Items Easily

The nice thing about storing items in a 5-gallon plastic bucket is that these storage containers can be easily transported or shipped as needed. If you are using the buckets for storing products for your business, then you can easily ship items to different locations without any concern for your products. The buckets are durable and can withstand the rigors of shipping. Using the buckets to ship items can save money because you won't have to buy additional boxes to ship items that are stored.

Knowing that whatever you store will not get damaged is important. When stored goods get damaged, that can be very costly. A lot of businesses lose inventory because items are not properly stored in durable containers that protect what's being stored.