How To Choose The Right Chemical Cleaning Products For Your Industrial Facility

Buying the right industrial chemical cleaners is the first step to maintaining clean and sanitary industrial and commercial spaces. Different areas of the premises have unique cleaning needs. For example, factory floors require a different cleaner from the kitchen surfaces or metal equipment. Using the wrong products can damage equipment or pose health hazards to people. Therefore, consider these tips when choosing the right chemical cleaning products for your facility.

Consider Your Cleaning Needs

What kinds of surfaces or equipment do you need to clean in your facility? Which cleaners are best for tackling these jobs? There are different chemical cleaners for various cleaning tasks. They include:

  • Water-based acid cleaners: These solutions remove rust and mineral stains and are suitable for stained industrial surfaces.
  • Water-based alkaline solutions: Alkaline cleaners are great at removing wax, oil, dirt, and grease from surfaces; thus, they are used on floors, tools, and machinery.
  • Solvent-based cleaners: Special-purpose solvent solutions are used to clean surfaces made of wood, chrome, steel, and other materials.
  • Multipurpose detergents: Detergents are used to remove stains, dirt, and grease from fabrics, including industrial rugs and mats, towels, and coveralls.
  • Abrasive cleaning solutions: Abrasive cleaners are commonly used on commercial kitchen floors and surfaces to get rid of grime and dirt.

There are all-purpose detergents and disinfectants that you can use on multiple surfaces around your facility. Therefore, choose the right products to limit time wastage on cleaning jobs.

Standardize Your Procurement System

It's normal to end up with identical or ineffective cleaning solutions the first time you purchase your products. These items end up in storage and may get accidentally repurchased. By standardizing your procurement system, you can avoid wasting money on chemical cleaners. Create a spreadsheet of all the cleaning solutions, their cost, areas of cleaning, and their effectiveness. 

Identify multipurpose products that can do multiple cleaning jobs. For example, you can use alkaline cleaners or pH-neutral solutions on floors instead of spending more money on degreasers. Once you identify your go-to products, create an approved list that will be used for future purchases. This will lower the cost of cleaning products and help you free up valuable storage space. 

Pay Attention to Your Sustainability Goals

Does your company have sustainability goals? If so, the cleaners you choose should conform to these objectives. Consider eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not release hazardous fumes into the environment or pollute soil and groundwater. Avoid chemical cleaners with harmful ingredients such as phosphates and formaldehyde. Instead, reach out for green, non-toxic, or eco-friendly products.

Most industrial facilities purchase cleaning products in bulk. Therefore, if a product fails, you will incur huge losses. Avoid these losses by opting for high-quality, effective products. Also, work with a reputable supplier to ensure timely delivery of the cleaning products. 

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