Keys For Successfully Pouring Concrete Over Wire Mesh

If you're pouring concrete and want the concrete to be more durable, one material you can incorporate is concrete construction wire mesh. It can help you create longer-lasting concrete structures, especially if you work with it in the following ways:

Utilize Concrete Blocks for Proper Placement

In order for wire mesh to be an effective reinforcement for concrete structures, it needs to be placed in the middle of the concrete. You can achieve this in a controlled way by using concrete blocks, which vary in shape and size. 

You need to make sure the blocks are the appropriate size to support the wire mesh materials so they are positioned directly in the middle of the concrete being poured. Also, look to see that all of your blocks are at the same height so that you can achieve uniform results when pouring concrete.

Redistribute Excess Concrete

Once you set up wire mesh and go to pour the concrete, you might accidentally put too much into some areas. You need to address this before the concrete dries to end up with the correct shape when the concrete dries. Collect any excess concrete and move it to sections that need more. A shovel will help with this task. While any shovel will work to physically move excess concrete, a square shovel can be more useful in spreading the concrete out evenly than a round shovel would be. 

If you are working on a larger area or form, you may want to use a concrete placer tool, also known as a concrete come-along rake, to push and pull the concrete and spread it out evenly across the area you are covering. 

Remove Imperfections if Present

In addition to there being extra concrete in certain areas, you will also likely see imperfections in the shape of the concrete's surface. Again, it's key that you address them before the concrete has the chance to fully dry.

The imperfections might be things like air bubbles, streaks, or debris that got into the concrete mix. Take your time to work out these imperfections. Doing so will enable your concrete to last a lot longer than it would otherwise. There are a variety of tools available for finishing your concrete, including items such as screeds, bull floats, edging tools, groovers, and trowels.  

Practice is key for successfully pouring and finishing your concrete forms. Make the most out of your projects by using wire mesh to help prevent cracks in your concrete forms.