How Your Business Can Benefit From Switching to Automatic Lubrication Systems

If your business uses a lot of heavy equipment or industrial machinery that requires regular lubrication in order to run smoothly, you likely already have a maintenance plan in place. But if this plan involves shutting down operations completely in order to re-apply lubrication, there may be a better way. Today, more companies in your industry are turning to automatic lubrication systems to help them get the job done. Here's why you should reach out to an automatic lubrication expert today.

Lubricate Without Shutting Down

With manual lubrication conducted by an employee, the entire operation typically needs to be shut down so that employees can access key points near the joints and other known trouble areas where lubrication is often needed. Once you have your automatic lubrication system set up, the system may be able to add lubrication to key areas while the equipment or machinery is still running or without having to shut down the entire system. This will improve your workflow, reduce downtime, and hopefully increase your yield as a result.

Don't Waste Lubrication and Keep Your Costs Down

You might think manual lubrication is easy enough if the equipment isn't too complex, but did you know that doing this manually can cause your company to waste lubrication and increase your supply costs? Workers who apply lubrication manually tend to err on the side of caution and will put a little more lubricator than the machinery really needs. This will deplete your supply and cause you to order more to replenish your supply on a more frequent basis.

An automatic system knows the exact amount of lubrication each component needs to run safely and efficiently and will dispense this exact amount every time, with nothing wasted.

Keep Your Employees Away From the Machinery When Possible

Once your automatic system is installed, you can simply set it up and forget about it up to a certain point. An automatic system will reduce the number of times that employees have to go near potentially dangerous equipment or machinery. Even if you are shutting the system down entirely before manual lubrication occurs, this will still require a person to go near the machinery and there could be sharp objects, heavy objects, or other potential hazards along your production line. With automatic lubrication, you will create not just a more efficient daily workflow but also a safer work environment for all of your employees.