The Art Of Making Welding Helmets Pretty: What You Can Expect

Not much about welding is pretty or glamorous. It is a dirty, hot, sweaty job, and you just have to do it. You do it because it pays well, and because welders are constantly in high demand. Yet, maybe you just wish that something about this job was aesthetically pleasing or colorful, at the very least. Actually, it can be. Your welder's helmet can be very artful, colorful, and as unique as yourself. Keep reading to learn more.

Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods

These welding hoods hold the most potential for making something attractive to wear on the job. They protect your head and face, and they give you a nice, large boxed viewing area to see through to do the job at hand. Their carbon shells make it easy to distinguish your hood from anyone else's hood, too. 

Color It

Carbon hoods come in a wide variety of colors. Royal blue, metallic green, burgundy, black, matte black, shiny black, glittery/metallic black, bronze, cherry red, silver — you name it, they can color it. Stripe it, pattern it, sparkle it up with a metallic coat — all of the available colors come with available designs. 

Shine It or Matte It

If you like the matte look (like raw auto metal or gun metal before they are polished), you can request that in place of the more common high gloss shine. Maybe you are the opposite, and you prefer the high-gloss shine to really give the color of your welder's hood some pop! Then, you just order the hood as is, or order it with an extra acrylic coat to make it extra shiny. 

Customize It

When you cannot find a color or pattern that you like, there are companies that specialize in custom welder's hoods. Request flames, skulls, pirate symbols, tattoo themes, flowery pretty things, rainbow patterns, etc. Any way you want to customize the carbon fiber hood that the custom company is willing to do is a great idea to make your apparel unique. If you do not see a custom hood that fits you, you can also ask the custom hood company if they would be willing to do an original design for you. The company would need a drawing of the design, so be sure to have that ready when you call to discuss this with them. They may ask that you fax them the design before they agree to the hood project. Talk to a company like CMR Fabrications to learn more.