5 Tips For Using Hand Trucks In Your Company's Loading Dock

In your company's loading dock, having certain types of equipment -- such as hand trucks -- can make getting important jobs done a whole lot easier. The five pieces of advice that are listed here can help you use hand trucks when working in your company's loading dock.

1. Have a Few Extras on Hand

Having more than just one or two hand trucks is usually a good idea. Then, it will be easier for others to pitch in and help when you're dealing with a big load that needs to be loaded or unloaded quickly. Additionally, you'll have spares on hand in case something goes wrong with one of your hand trucks.

2. Keep the Loading Dock Neat and Tidy

Keeping the loading dock neat and tidy is essential. Not only will it give your business a more professional look, but it will help cut down on accidents. It will also make it much easier for you to use hand trucks to move loads in and out of the loading dock area.

3. Be Aware of Weight Limits

Hand trucks come with weight limits that can vary based off of the hand trucks that you purchase. Be aware of these weight limits and the approximate weights of the loads that you're putting on your hand trucks. When in doubt, load a little less on each hand truck to avoid damage to the hand truck or the products that are being moved and to prevent injuries.

4. Strap Your Loads Down

Even when you're in a hurry, make sure that you use a nylon strap to strap your loads to your hand trucks. This helps prevent anyone from getting hurt and also helps prevent damage to the products that are being moved.

5. Dress Appropriately for the Job

Even if you follow the advice above to work safely and efficiently in the loading dock when using hand trucks, you should make sure that you and anyone else who will be working with hand trucks in the loading dock are dressed appropriately. It is never a good idea to work in a loading dock without proper boots, for example; generally, steel toed boots are preferred, particularly if you work with a lot of big and heavy items in the loading dock. Additionally, wearing gloves is a good way to keep the hands protected and to prevent blisters when working with hand trucks.

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