Support Your Restaurant Employees So That They Can Complete Their Responsibilities In A Systematic And Safe Manner

Accidents can occur in the kitchen if restaurant workers are preparing meals in substandard conditions or feel rushed to fill orders during their shifts. A basic set of procedures to follow pertaining to cooking and cleaning standards will help with completing orders in a reasonable amount of time and will minimize injuries.

Use Recipe Cards And Signs

It can be difficult to remember which ingredients need to be added to specific dishes or the amount of cooking time that recipes require, especially when your employees are bombarded with a large amount of orders. Recipe cards and signs can be hung in the kitchen so that workers can look at them if they are uncertain about a specific step.

Let your employees know that you would rather have them take their time and complete an order properly than haphazardly prepare dishes that wind up being burned or spilled onto the floor.

Keep an all-purpose cleaning spray, mops, and absorbent towels in a utility closet that is in the kitchen and inform your employees to stop what they are doing to immediately sop up liquid that has spilled on the floor or counters to prevent slips or the contamination of fresh food products.

Direct One Person To Oversee Each Station

Using fewer staff members may seem like one way for you to cut back on costs, but you are actually setting your workers up for failure if they are overloaded with orders and cannot prepare meals in a systematic manner.

Assign workers to oversee preparation and cooking stations. These people can monitor the progress that each worker is making and can step in to help if one or more employees gets backed up and appears to be overwhelmed. Monitors can also address possible safety issues. 

If one of the monitors sees that counters or floors are dirty or that trash cans are overflowing and waste is likely to spill onto the floor, they can request that some of the workers stop what they are doing and correct the issues before preparing more food. 

Assign Cleaning Responsibilities

Purchase all of your facility supplies from a vendor and have the items delivered to your business on scheduled days -- companies like TFA can offer more information. Paper towels, hand sanitizer, a portable eyewash station, floor cleaning agents, disinfectants, soap, and bathroom tissue are necessities that can be used in the kitchen area and restroom.

Let it be known that you expect your employees to pitch in and clean the kitchen area and restrooms before leaving at the end of the day. A checklist that contains a description of each cleaning task and the supplies that are needed to perform the jobs can be hung from one of the walls in the kitchen.