Why A Welder Generator Is The Best Choice For Industrial Use

If you are looking to rent a welder to use in your industrial setting, you might be unsure of which type to look for. Many equipment rental companies offer various types of welders, and one type that you might have noticed is the welder generator. Basically, this type of welder is attached to an actual gas generator, which can be used for powering just about anything along with allowing the welder to run without the need for a tank. There are a couple of reasons why you might find that a welder generator is a solid choice if you are going to be renting for industrial use.

Take it Anywhere

Your industrial building is probably huge, and there is a good chance that you will need to use the welding machine in various places throughout the property. Unfortunately, this often isn't as easy as it sounds with welding machines. Many welding machines are very big and bulky, and you often have to drag a large tank around with them when you move them. Although this might be just fine if you will be doing all of your welding work in one centralized location, this probably won't make things very easy if you are doing your welding work in your industrial setting. If you have a welder generator, however, you will be able to transport it all over your industrial property without much of a problem. This type of equipment is designed for this use and is relatively lightweight when compared to other welding machines. It also does not require a large tank to be brought along with it either, since it creates its own power.

Power Additional Tools and Equipment

When you are welding, there is a good chance that you need other tools and equipment to get the job done as well. It can be as simple as needing to plug in a work light so that you can see into a dark space where you are welding, or it could be more complicated and require the use of multiple power tools. Either way, it can be very convenient if you have a welding generator. Then, you don't have to worry about looking for electrical outlets or searching for extension cords. Instead, you can plug everything directly into your welder generator.

As you can see, welder generators are a perfect option if you are looking to rent welding equipment for industrial uses. Luckily, a good equipment rental company should have the welder generator that you need for all of your company's necessary welding work. Talk to a company like Vern Lewis Welding Supply Inc to learn more.