3 Things to Look for When Seeking Durable Stainless Steel Hoses

In most industrial settings, stainless steel hoses are a necessity. To cut down on production problems, equipment malfunctions and overall maintenance costs, it is crucial that you purchase hoses that you can count on to last. Fortunately, looking for a few features when buying your stainless steel hoses can help you make the right purchasing decisions for your business.

1. Look for Maximum Flexibility

One of the number one things that you should seek out when purchasing stainless steel hoses is flexibility. Although most hoses are flexible to some extent, it's best to choose the ones that are as flexible as possible. This is because not-so-flexible hoses can easily be bent and damaged during standard, every day use. Along with being more durable, stainless steel hoses that have a lot of flexibility usually make the work day a lot easier, since you can hook up equipment and move equipment around more easily.

2. Ensure It's Braided

Many stainless steel hoses are "braided," which you can see from the outside. Basically, the hose should look as if it is covered in braids, and the texture should be rough, not smooth. A lot of people who work with stainless steel hoses every day don't understand the point of the braiding, but basically, it is designed to help your hoses better withstand abrasion. During regular rubbing while your equipment is in use, the friction can cause smooth hoses to develop indentions and even holes. This is less of an issue with braided hoses because they are better able to withstand the abrasion and friction. Therefore, you should always search for braided options when looking for stainless steel hoses.

3. Buy the Maximum Thickness

There will obviously be some restrictions about how thick your stainless steel hoses can be; if they are too thick, they might not fit in the tight spaces around and in-between your equipment, for example. However, after measuring the area where your hoses will be used, you should look for the thickest options that you can find that will fit. Then, they will have added durability and will be far less likely to melt or otherwise become damaged.

Stainless steel hoses might seem simple, but they are so important in the operation of most factories. This means that you shouldn't skimp when you purchase them, or you might find yourself replacing them all the time. For maximum durability, you should look at these three features. For assistance, talk to a professional like Liberty Hose & Supply Inc.